Saturday, May 19, 2012

What the....

Life has somewhat changed in the past month.I think I have come a long way, from a lazy guy whining about entrance exams to a triumphant lazy guy excited about getting an All India Rank of 30 in one of those exams(Yes, I love talking about myself. Why do you think I made this blog ?). So as it turns out, Mumbai will be my next home and I'll not have to sell my kidney to acquire a seat in the college(refer this post). I'll also have saved quite a few bucks for my parents by not needing to go to a private college anymore.

   This Rank 30 thing didn't quite settle in easily. As I was impatiently waiting for the results, I logged in, entered my roll no. and stuff. So when the page loaded completely , I was in a state of shock and disbelief, a feeling I usually get after I check the remaining balance on my phone. I said to myself, "Must be 3000. This frigging dial-up is too slow to display the other two zeroes...". I entered everything from the scratch, only to be shocked again. I called up a friend of mine and shouted, " Result आलं रे ! "(The results are out !). For the next two days, I was busy entering my details on that website again and again hoping for the truth to emerge. As it turns out, it had, already. The maniac in me then settled. My mind still wouldn't believe what my eyes were seeing, owing to the fact that my actual interest in studies had ended even before Harman Baweja's career and my attention span while studying would be equivalent to that of a four-year-old in a toy store. But then, this was the test I had undergone meticulous preparation for, albeit in the last few days even though I had a full month. I had to memorize little but significant details, the most hilarious of them being the Indonesian president's name (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono). And then, this outcome.

   So now, I await the HSC result with a sheer sense of indifference. After a really long time, life had thrown some pleasant surprise at me and I was ever-ready to take it. The admission-fest shall begin soon and so shall increase the pace of life. I am now busy hoping that the goodwill generated the last few days due to this result dissolves some of the bitterness that may possibly follow after the HSC result. On the other side, my skeptic mind says that I should check that result once again just to be sure. Here it goes, again.

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