Monday, April 9, 2012

So here I am....

So, there ! I created a blog after much persuasion, by the terrible blogger inside me. Some questions haunted me in this endeavour."So should it be Wordpress or Blogger ?", "How do I get started ?", "Who am I kidding ?". So, Blogger it is. I understand Wordpress(and blogging, in general) as much as I understand Mandarin. Well, you get the point, don't you ? No ? Nevermind. I usually read satirical blogs, especially the mind-blowing ones like Stupidus Maximus and Khamba's Blog and also Faking News. These constituted 49.1 % of my inspiration behind blogging, the rest 50.9 % is due to the ample free time I have now, actually meant for getting screwed by books  studying. And I also use Facebook as frequently as a person with an upset stomach goes to the bathroom.

    What I am actually, is a student, now enjoying superficial vacations, thanks to the reign of entrance-exams. I live in an obscure place Mumbaikars living in the western part of the city refer to as 'The Great Beyond' (read beyond Virar) and may have to move to Mumbai or some other city soon to pursue further stupidity education. Did I mention I shall be pursuing Hospitality Studies ? (No, I can't cook, you may stop laughing now). I had decided to pursue this stuff for the sake of being different. Literally.(Stop giggling now, seriously !). So, now will just sail wherever this boat called life takes me, while still watching out for icebergs on a proverbial GPS equipment (I would appreciate James Cameron making a magnum opus on my ship sinking episode, though.Think about the royalty fee.*drool*). But as always, there will be roadblocks on this path. The institutes where I want to be should be sane enough to sell grant me a seat there. Else, I would have to look for other options where I would not have to sell one of my kidneys to secure admission. Hope that the miracle of our society, called 'reservation', helps me in this case. But, like always, I continue to show the same enthusiasm towards studies that BMC shows towards repairing roads.

    So, that's it. Yes, your turmoil ends for now, well, perhaps. I will brag more about myself and my hopeless pursuits in future posts. And yeah, it would be helpful if you leave a comment, helps boost my ego. Now where did I keep the TV remote.... ?


  1. hey.. read the blog... it was so much fun. would love to read more of you.. :)

  2. hehe.. really well written.. ;) :)

  3. nice work thakur !!! you are really good at this stuff :D

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